CNC Parts Manufacturing and 
Powder coating

More than 10 years

CNC Parts Manufacturing and 
Powder coating

More than 10 years

CNC Parts Manufacturing and 
Powder coating

More than 10 years
More then 10 years of experience 
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We are working with UAB Ekstremalė from the time it was established. During that time the technical and intelectual
competence have grown a lot, also did the technical base. From the start UAB Ekstremalė stood out from others
with its versatility, high quality and good delivery terms. They don't prioritize different customers, depending
on their size or input - every customer is equal. This allows for a long term commitment with any growing
client base, which can easily be seen in last years performance.

I want also to state that if there any inacuracies with the end product - they always effectively amend to their
or others mistakes. They also possess a great view to what the end result should be. If they see
some issues with the structure of the parts they imediately contact us and try to improve the product - make it
easier, better and cheaper to produce so that the end product would still be the most optimal. UAB Ekstremalė is
a very committed partner on which you can rely with the most difficult projects.

Vytautas Stočkus

UAB Altechna R&D

Ekstremale always delivers very good price and quality ratio, especially at small series or prototyping quantities, while also offering great flexibility of their services. These are the reasons why we value cooperation with Ekstremale.

Erikas Kneižys

UAB NanoAvionika

“UAB MGF “Šviesos konversija”co-operates with UAB “EKSTREMALĖ” from the very beginning, since the powder coating department was established.  The terms also quality match our requirements, and we wish you every success expanding your progress.”


Mech. Engineer Bronius Bareika


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